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The Older Generation Discuss the Meanings a...

May 20, 2015Comments off45 Views

‘You Wont Regret That Tattoo’ is a short documentary that explores the meanings and memories behind the tattoos of an older generation, and challenges the


SpaceX Retro Mars Travel Posters

May 18, 2015Comments off21 Views

SpaceX, one of the companies that will most likely make the journey to space possible for many people to come, has just released a beautiful


VIDEO:The Next Age Of Vandalism Has Began: ...

May 04, 2015Comments off178 Views

The future of next level graffiti upon us as drone assisted robotic graffiti is born. KATSU, a well-known graffiti artist and vandal, used a Phantom


VIDEO: TagsAndThrows – Bombing With S...

May 01, 2015Comments off83 Views

TagsAndThrows got the chance to follow bomber Sicoer out on the streets, as he’s getting his name up. A unique view into the heart of


R2D2 Illustrated as Famous Superheroes

Mar 19, 2015Comments off49 Views

Illustrator Steve Berrington drew a series made up entirely of the iconic Star Wars robot R2D2, decked out in the colors and patterns of famous


UK Street Artist ‘Banksy’ Sneaks Throug...

Feb 28, 2015Comments off68 Views

“Gaza is often described as ‘the world’s largest open air prison’ because no-one is allowed to enter or leave. But that seems a bit unfair


VIDEO: Abstract Illustrations Tell the Hist...

Feb 24, 2015Comments off27 Views

From the X-Games to the Z-Boys, this latest illustrated narration provides a concise recap of the history of skateboarding. Check it out below. a brief


Watch a Timelapse of Rio de Janeiro in 10K

Feb 21, 2015Comments off74 Views

Videographer Joe Capra has directed a stunning new time lapse video of Rio de Janeiro shot in 10K. For those not as fluent in technical


VIDEO: Alec Monopoly – Bringing Wall ...

Feb 06, 2015Comments off69 Views

Alec Monopoly gained notoriety with his satirical graffiti murals depicting the Monopoly Man, in a series of artistic interpretations that acted as social commentary on


Watch POW! WOW! Hawaii Through the Eyes of ...

Jan 21, 2015Comments off50 Views

Take a look at POW! WOW! Hawaii from the eyes of renown painter and street artists, Ron English. Join us a stroll through Kaka’ako as