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MOVIES: Watch The Final Trailer For “...

Jul 21, 201637 Views

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5th. Watch the final trailer below:


VIDEO: BMX Basketball Trick Shots With Scot...

Jul 21, 201638 Views

BMX is fun, but sometimes you need to mix it up a bit and do something different! So, Scotty Cranmer and friends decided to pick


Ballin’ On A Big Budget: Watch 2 Chai...

Jul 19, 201656 Views

2 Chainz sits down with his friend Corey Shapiro, founder of Vintage Frames, and tries on some wildly expensive sunglasses.


Watch New Behind-The-Scenes Footage For Rog...

Jul 17, 201627 Views

The guys at Disney just released this amazing new Star Wars video featuring a ton of behind-the-scenes footage for the upcoming Rogue One film. Check

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VIDEO: Trailer Park Boys on GGN… Agai...

Jul 16, 201637 Views

Season 10 of Trailer Park Boys is now streaming on Netflix and the world is finally filling their fix of everyone’s favorite Canadians. While the


VIDEO: Meet The Actual “Dude” W...

Jul 16, 201656 Views

In case you didn’t know, The Dude from cult classic film “The Big Lebowski” was actually inspired by a real person. Jeff Dowd is quite


VIDEO: Samuel L. Jackson Narrates The Begin...

Jul 13, 201655 Views

Just in case you live under a rock in Siberia and aren’t on the “Game Of Thrones” bandwagon yet, Samuel L. Jackson is here to


VIDEO: A Day In The Life Of The Mountain Fr...

Jul 13, 201666 Views

To promote his new vodka, Hafthor Bjornsson aka “The Mountain” from Game Of Thrones  gives us a look into a day in his life.


MUST WATCH: Bugs Bunny Raps Tupac’s &...

Jul 13, 2016104 Views

Watch on below as Bugs Bunny takes on the classic “Hail Mary” by Tupac in this amazing mashup. This awesome clip features cameos by a


VIDEO: Margot Robbie Defines 50 Australian ...

Jul 12, 201648 Views

Suicide Squad’s Margot Robbie knows the difference between “chunders” and “chucking a sickie,” and now you will too.