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VIDEO: Bear Cub Wanders Into Ashland, Orego...

Oct 25, 2014Comments off43 Views

Just a baby bear walking the isles of a drug store. No big deal. I wonder what he was shopping for bear mace maybe?


The Official Avengers: Age of Ultron Traile...

Oct 24, 2014Comments off112 Views

The first trailer for next year’s sequel to Marvel’s The Avengers leaked today, earlier than Marvel Studios was obviously planning. The mega studio originally planned


MOVIE TRAILER: Chris Hemsworth’s Atte...

Oct 22, 2014Comments off122 Views

Ron Howard shared the action-packed trailer for his Moby Dick drama In The Heart Of The Sea last week. The two-time Oscar-winning director reunited with


MUST WATCH: Regular Man (Animated Series) E...

Oct 22, 2014Comments off130 Views

Regular Man. A modern day superhero with the extraordinary super power of being a regular, every day man in everything he does. He’s normal. He


LAW OF THE JUNGLE: Watch A Lone Crocodile S...

Oct 22, 2014Comments off859 Views

RAVENOUS wild dogs have their meal stolen – by a CROCODILE. The carnivorous canines were feasting on an impala carcass but were secretly being watched


VIDEO: Watch Jack Mitrani Pose As An Old Ma...

Oct 22, 2014Comments off154 Views

Burton Snowboards hired a makeup artist to turn Jack Mitrani into Mark Sollars uncle. Watch the kids reactions to Uncle Dave snowboarding!


Australian Rapper 360 Identifies The Austra...

Oct 21, 2014Comments off445 Views

Aussie rapper Matt Colwell, AKA 360, made his controversial debut on Q&A last night, coming forward with the statement that he identifies the Australian flag


British swimsuit calendar shot on Utah Nati...

Oct 21, 2014Comments off278 Views

Bikini-clad British babes shot a risqué swimsuit calendar — including several posing with automatic rifles — at a Utah National Guard base without proper authorization.


Watch the Second Official Trailer for ‘Un...

Oct 20, 2014Comments off40 Views

UNBROKEN is an upcoming war drama film directed by Angelina Jolie which marks her second feature as helmer following 2011’s In the Land Of Blood


Watch Jimmy Fallon and Brad Pitt Converse t...

Oct 19, 2014Comments off173 Views

For a recent episode of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon took an unorthodox approach for his interview with Brad Pitt. Never one to refuse playing