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NSFW: Leonardo Dicaprio, Drake and Justin B...

Nov 03, 2016117 Views

Russian born, U.S.-based artist Alexandra Rubinstein series of paintings  “A Dream Come True” series aims to present a female perspective of sex, which is largely underrepresented in


ART: POW! WOW! Shows Off The Amazing Murals...

Sep 19, 2016111 Views

The official recap video for POW! WOW! Long Beach 2016. The city of Long Beach, California was home to a week-long festival that featured stunning


ART: Check out This Latest Set of Illustrat...

Sep 06, 2016262 Views

Illustrator Olga Wójci has made a name for herself in the sneaker and streetwear world over recent months with her images of Bart and Homer Simpson

"The Imaginarium" - Underwater series by Fashion & Art Photographer Beth Mitchell

STYLE: Begitta – The Love Child of Wi...

Sep 05, 2016157 Views

If Willy Wonker and Marie Antoinette had a Love Child it would be Begitta. As crazy as that name is, it is as incredible as


Finish Line’s Statements of Style: Me...

Aug 26, 2016123 Views

Starting by snapping a picture of a puddle, Bronx-based Instagram photographer Giovanni Elao—otherwise known as Insighting—has now become an international icon. Partnering with Finish Line,


VIDEO: These Sexy Ass Twin Artists Paint St...

Aug 11, 2016320 Views

These very foxy 23-year-old LA-based creatives are not your normal set of twins, they have recently made their way into the spotlight after showcasing a


All Of Your Favourite Pop Culture Vehicles ...

Jun 26, 2016191 Views

Illustrator Scott Park decided to take the vehicles from popular movies and TV shows and give them a Mad Max makeover.


ART: Eccentric Artist Imagines Famous Villa...

Jun 23, 2016295 Views

ALIEN: Artist, Travis Durden (no relation to Fight Club’s Infamous Tyler Durden), recreated famous villains in skeletal form for his latest project. MALEFICENT: SCREAM GHOST

STYLE: David Murray Illustrates Female Movi...

May 25, 2016249 Views

Getting models to show off your latest collection on the catwalk is so overdone so London-based illustrator, David Murray, decided to spice things up by


ART: The Vladamir Putin- Donald Trump Kiss ...

May 15, 2016280 Views

Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump are kissing on the side of a barbecue restaurant in Vilnius, Lithuania. The mural, painted