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VIDEO GAMES: ‘Star Wars: Battlefront ...

Mar 22, 201656 Views

Star Wars: Battlefront has been out for a few months now, which makes it the perfect time to re-inject some excitement into the game’s community


Fan Video Shows ‘Star Wars’ Vil...

Mar 20, 201683 Views

A new mod for Fallout 4 features the dark one himself, Darth Vader. The mod isn’t just a simple mesh swap with a lot of


‘Star Wars’ Virtual Reality Experiment ...

Mar 16, 201671 Views

Lucasfilm has revealed a new HTC Vive experiment called Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine, which finally lets us wield the Jedi’s iconic lightsaber. Oh, and


VIDEO GAMES: Star Kart Video Game Brings St...

Feb 11, 201686 Views

In a perfect world, this amazing idea for a real game would come to fruition.  B.O.B suggests that Nintendo brings back the N64, updates the graphics,


VIDEO GAMES: A Lengthy Cinematic Look at &#...

Feb 08, 2016102 Views

Street Fighter V is right around the corner and Capcom is giving fans their best look yet at the highly anticipated installment with a brand


The ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy Reimagi...

Dec 21, 2015154 Views

For those of you too young to remember the NES and Atari versions of the Star Wars movies, you’re in luck — CineFix has continued

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Tiny Arcade is a Playable Arcade Game Conso...

Dec 07, 2015235 Views

strong>The Tiny Arcade is a retro arcade cabinet, complete with a working joystick, buttons and a 16-bit screen. The cabinet, developed by the Ohio-based company


Watch the First Final Fantasy VII Remake Ga...

Dec 07, 2015162 Views

Sony kicked off its 2015 PlayStation Experience showcase in a big way this weekend and had a few surprises ready for fans. One of the


VIDEO GAMES: You Can Now Play as Tyler, Th...

Nov 30, 2015165 Views

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 gets its first major update that welcomes new additions to its rank of players. The new characters give the game


VIDEO GAMES: Modder Discovers Secret Underw...

Nov 23, 2015179 Views

A video game modder with a little too much time on his hands was rooting through Fallout 4’s assets and found an unused weapon whose