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VIDEO GAMES: Take A Really Trippy Ride Dow...

Aug 28, 201699 Views

Mincrafter MiningGodBruce doesn’t really have much of a life and has spend an entire year and a whooping 250 hours of recording to make the


VIDEO GAMES: ‘GoldenEye 007’ Ge...

Aug 16, 2016118 Views

Nintendo 64’s cult classic game GoldenEye 007 was a great adaptation of the James Bond film, and fans in internet land have begun remaking the


VIDEO GAMES: Relive Nintendo’s Many Faile...

Aug 16, 201664 Views

Nintendo is back! Despite a string of dark days, the classic gaming company has recently come around to giving die-hard fans what they’ve truly wanted


VIDEO GAMES: Watch the Official Trailer For...

Aug 03, 201666 Views

In Operation Skull Rain, two BOPE Operators join Team Rainbow to pacify the Favela, our new free map. This third major content update aims to


VIDEO GAMES: ‘GTA Online’s Raci...

Jul 09, 201684 Views

Be daring, defy gravity and punch your fears straight in the mouth with Cunning Stunts, a visually surreal and over-the-top evolution to racing in GTA


VIDEO GAMES: Sony Releases ‘God of War’...

Jun 20, 2016156 Views

Sony Interactive Entertainment released a gameplay trailer for its new PS4 exclusive God of War, which features starkly beautiful wintry landscapes and imposing ruins, as


VIDEO GAMES: ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ Might...

May 21, 2016123 Views

Sony and Polyphony Digital have unveiled a gleaming first gameplay trailer for the upcoming Gran Turismo spin-off, Gran Turismo Sport and judging from the trailer


VIDEO GAMES: EA Sports Releases Trailer And...

May 14, 2016133 Views

EA Sports has unveiled their new cover and the trailer for Madden ’17. Check out the 1st look trailer below.


Super Mario Jumps into the World of ‘Mine...

May 10, 2016167 Views

Nintendo is partnering with Mojang and Microsoft to bring the imaginative worlds of the Super Mario series and Minecraft together. For the first time ever,

VIDEO GAMES: ‘DOOM’ Launch Trailer Teas...

May 06, 2016143 Views

DOOM is back! With a brutal single-player campaign, iconic fast-paced multiplayer, and the ability to create and play your own levels with SnapMap, DOOM delivers