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VIDEO: Barefoot Water Skiing Behind A Airpl...

Aug 01, 2014No Comments52 Views

Being able to barefoot waterski is a pretty impressive feat in itself. Add a plane into the mix and you have some balls to the


Russell Brand Rips Apart News Anchor Sean H...

Jul 31, 2014No Comments870 Views

God of mischief actor/comedian Russell Brand is back Tuesday with another installment of his media-crushing YouTube channel. His latest target news anchor Sean Hannity. Brand tore


Watch High School Player Shelby McEwen Thro...

Jul 29, 2014No Comments30 Views

If you’re a little-known high school basketball player from Mississippi trying to make a name for yourself, this is how you do it. Watch below

Game of Thrones: Season 4 Bloopers (Comic C...

Jul 29, 2014No Comments13 Views

We at B.O.B love “Game Of Thrones” so when we saw this we had to share it with you! Watch this awesome bloopers reel from


“Instagram Playboy” Dan Bilzeri...

Jul 28, 2014No Comments20 Views

Poker Player,venture capitalist and Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian is constantly posting photos that make his millions of Instagram followers simultaneously hate and love his life.

Watch This Fat Guy Get A Fat belly, lap dan...

Jul 27, 2014No Comments14 Views

There are so many things that are wrong with this video!! But it does go to show you fat boys need love to!

MUST WATCH: SKIN: Martyka ‘Skin Dog’ Br...

Jul 26, 2014No Comments10 Views

Martyka ‘Skin Dog’ Brandt – gang member, champion racecar driver and devoted solo father. ‘Skin’ documents the life of Martyka Brandt, a member of New

VIDEO: Watch This Guy Stomp A Massive Doubl...

Jul 26, 2014No Comments1 Views

Finnish people are crazy! Maybe it’s the long winters with out sun that makes them this way I don’t know but man do some of

VIDEO: Balls To The Wall!! 100 Ways to Atta...

Jul 25, 2014No Comments3 Views

This video is fucking hilarious… “To celebrate their 100th upload to YouTube Master Ken demonstrates (approximately) 100 ways to destroy your opponents groin.”