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Have You Ever Seen A Dog Dive 12ft Deep Und...

Jan 23, 2015Comments off27 Views

Have you ever seen a dog swim 12 feet under water ?


MUST WATCH: Bicycle Collides with Kangaroo ...

Jan 23, 2015Comments off142 Views

“They don’t call Canberra the Bush Capital for nothing…this accident occurred on Adelaide Avenue just off Capital Circle…I escaped relatively unscathed with no broken bones


VIDEO: Drugs at Work (weed, ecstasy, magic ...

Jan 21, 2015Comments off439 Views

This random guy decided to dress up as a council worker and take three different kinds of drugs(weed, ecstasy, magic mushrooms)over the course of three


VIDEO: Watch This Guy faint Three Times On ...

Jan 20, 2015Comments off93 Views

Watch this poor guy faint three times in a row on an amusement park ride.


Watch SNL’s Kate McKinnon Spoof Justin Bi...

Jan 20, 2015Comments off128 Views

Kate McKinnon reprised her Justin Bieber impersonation over the weekend, putting the spotlight on his Calvin Klein ads which have been scrutinized for their alleged


VIDEO: Meanwhile In Sweden, Fishing With Fi...

Jan 18, 2015Comments off60 Views

Watch on as these bored Swedish kids go fishing with fireworks in a frozen lake@


Unlock The Mysteries Of The Universe With D...

Jan 17, 2015Comments off344 Views

DMT what is it? Joe Rogan looks into amazing effects of a molecule by the name of DMT “Dimethyltryptamine” which is found all through out


Having A Bad Day At Work? Hopefully Not As ...

Jan 17, 2015Comments off194 Views

The holidays have gone and everyone is getting back to work… except for some of these folks. Watch the funniest work fails “Fail Army” has


WINTER WONDERLAND: In Minnesota – It&...

Jan 11, 2015Comments off802 Views

In Minnesota – It’s so cold that… you can freeze your trampoline.


VIDEO: This Tiger Has Got Some Serious Hops...

Jan 11, 2015Comments off67 Views

This Tiger has got some serious hops!!