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VIDEO: Insane Thug With Eight Inch Knife Ca...

Jul 30, 2015No Comments215 Views

A bodycam has caught this insane footage of a knife-wielding man attacking two police officers in the UK after they were called out to investigate


VIDEO: The Moment A Diver Finds $1 Million ...

Jul 29, 2015No Comments218 Views

Explorers find $1 million in gold coins and chains from the Spanish ship 1715 Fleet that shipwrecked off the Florida coast on July 31, 1715.


FAIL OF THE DAY: Watch This Dude Backslap H...

Jul 29, 2015No Comments77 Views

Watch on below as this poor fellow slightly over rotates a massive triple back flip of a 25 foot + bridge..


Watch This Short Documentary on the Eighth ...

Jul 29, 2015No Comments130 Views

More men have walked on the moon than been Ronald McDonald. Joe Maggard was McDonald’s mascot from 1995 to 2007. He was eighth of nine


Watch Tom Cruise Face Off Against Jimmy Fal...

Jul 29, 2015No Comments74 Views

Watch on below as Jimmy Falon faces off with Tom Cruise in an intense lip sync-off to songs like The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face”


VICE Teaches Us How to Hack a Car

Jul 25, 2015No Comments430 Views

In this episode of “Phreaked Out,” we met some of the top security researchers at the center of the car hacking world. The goal isn’t

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VIDEO: Hot Dog Eating Champion Matt Stonie ...

Jul 24, 2015No Comments115 Views

World Hot Dog eating champion Matt Stonie attempts to get the world’s worst ice-cream headache by attempting to eat 12 pints of Ben & Jerry’e


MUST WATCH: Watch On Below As This Guy Turn...

Jul 24, 2015No Comments859 Views

Watch on below as this guy takes a card out of the green goblin’s book and proceeds to turn his drone into his own personal


James Bond ‘Casino Royale’ Reim...

Jul 24, 2015No Comments45 Views

To celebrate #Spectre Here’s what Casino Royale (2006) would look like if it had been made when the original version was… in the swinging 60s!


Watch This Idiot Taunting A Bull With Flami...

Jul 24, 2015No Comments626 Views

This video is one of the gnarliest things we have ever come across…Lesson Learnt… Don’t taunt the bull..