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VIDEO: Epic Frisbee Trick Shot Adventure wi...

May 23, 2015No Comments9 Views

Youtube adventure sensation Devun Supertramp is back again.. this time taking you on an epic Frisbee trick shot adventure with Brodie Smith all shot in


LEGO Dimensions ‘Back to the Future&#...

May 23, 2015No Comments38 Views

In a new video featuring actor Christopher Lloyd reprising his famous role as Doc Brown from the Back to the Future films, Warner Bros. Interactive


Muscle Car With Too Much Power Blows Out Re...

May 23, 2015No Comments169 Views

This poor guy’s Dodge Dart muscle car took to the streets with a little too much guts and proceeded to tear the rear axle right


Porn Star Asa Akira’s Raunchy Outtakes Fr...

May 21, 2015Comments off807 Views

The Hundreds Hobbies With Asa Akira series may have come to an end, but Los Angeles’ finest provides us with one last look back at


VIDEO: Star Wars Parkour – Jedi Free ...

May 20, 2015Comments off42 Views

  Watch these guys dress up as Jedi’s and start ripping around the desert, flipping around, jumping over rocks and basically channeling their the “Force”


VIDEO: Is This The BEST Dunk Of All Time? 6...

May 19, 2015Comments off225 Views

Here is 6’1 Jordan Kilganon hitting a new dunk he created called the “Lost and Found” is it the best dunk of all time?


FAIL OF THE DAY: Camera Catches Ball Boy Wi...

May 19, 2015Comments off14 Views

Watch this poor ball boy eat shit behind the very foxy tennis goddess Maria Sharapova.


VIDEO: Swedish Man Scares The Living Shit O...

May 18, 2015Comments off754 Views

“Ralph Persson and his spouse was out in the woods with his dogs when he noticed a bear. Everything was captured on video by him


Image Intoxication: Volume 51

May 13, 2015Comments off3219 Views


VIDEO: Crazy Aussie Fisherman Goes Night Di...

May 12, 2015Comments off135 Views

Whilst anchored 185km south-west of Darwin a NT fishing charter boat had a visit from a very inquisitive Whale Shark so being a little bit