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VIDEO: Watch Dave Chappelle Roast a Donald ...

Jan 19, 201711 Views

Dave Chappelle almost pulled the plug on his stand-up set in L.A. … that is, until a Donald Trump supporter got him back in the

Watch The “Kanye West Soap Opera” Starr...

Jan 15, 201742 Views

We have seen Kanye West lyrics lend themselves well for fun sketches before, but this one takes things to another level. Bryan Cranston, James Corden

MUST WATCH: This Video Of A Bull Shark Atta...

Jan 13, 201769 Views

Here’s more proof that everything in the ocean is trying to kill you. This spear fisherman was just minding his own business when a bull

A Fan Re-Made “Home Alone” and ...

Jan 10, 201765 Views

It turns out adding a little blood to the first Home Alone results in a move that is hardly family friendly and would probably need

VIDEO: Watch a Super Heated Knife Cut Throu...

Jan 10, 201769 Views

The latest trend to take over YouTube is using a super heated knife to cut through random household objects. It’s much cooler than it sounds.

WATCH: How Canadians Shoot Skeet

Jan 04, 201765 Views

  Just in case you were wondering– Canadians don’t use a “thrower” when it comes to shooting clay pigeons. They use hockey sticks instead. *Video

VIDEO: Random Idiot Tazes Himself While His...

Jan 03, 201778 Views

This is what happens when the awesome “World Star” video you wanted to create goes wrong..

MUST WATCH: Mark Zuckerberg Created a Jarvi...

Jan 01, 201772 Views

Being Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg must have it’s perks. Like having the ability to build your own digital personal assistant that would make Marvel comic

VIDEO: Watch BMX Pro Rider Nigel Sylvester ...

Jan 01, 201768 Views

In following up on this month’s GO! part three (Watch it below) — during which he previewed himself riding a real-life Mario Kart throughout Tokyo, this week

MUST WATCH: Cricket Player Chris Lynn Smack...

Dec 30, 201673 Views

Watch this epic video of cricket player Chris Lynn smacking the ball clean out of the grounds and onto stadium’s roof at the Gabba in