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Aussie Surfers Save Tourists From Potential...

Oct 29, 2014Comments off577 Views

Today show host Karl Stefanovic found it difficult to keep a straight face during an innuendo-filled interview with two Queensland surfers who rescued a pair


VIDEO: Learn How Psychedelic Drugs Can Pote...

Oct 28, 2014Comments off109 Views

This video, produced by and, highlights how psychedelic medicines are saving lives worldwide. Numerous studies show these substances are non-neurotoxic, non-addictive and are


VIDEO: Watch This Lebanese Man Take An Unex...

Oct 27, 2014Comments off296 Views

We hope this guy brought his waterproof camera housing.


MUST WATCH: Watch These Flying Frenchies Ca...

Oct 27, 2014Comments off116 Views

Who knew frogs could fly!! Watch these crazy flying Frenchies as they use a catapult off a cliff to base jump angry birds style!!


Watch Iggy Azalea & Jim Carrey’s...

Oct 27, 2014Comments off223 Views

Tonight aussie rapper Iggy Azalea makes her Saturday Night Live debut, performing her new single “Beg For It” (which will appear on Reclassified, the re-issue


Air New Zealand’s Hobbit Safety Video...

Oct 26, 2014Comments off118 Views

Air New Zealand is looking to cash in on the Hobbit craze once again with its new safety video. The “Most Epic Safety Video Ever


Japanese Hobbyists Build A Working Transfor...

Oct 26, 2014Comments off168 Views

Move over Michael Bay, a duo of Japanese inventors – Kenji Ishida and Wataru Yoshizaki of Brave Robotics and Asratec – have designed a Transformer


VIDEO: Bear Cub Wanders Into Ashland, Orego...

Oct 25, 2014Comments off54 Views

Just a baby bear walking the isles of a drug store. No big deal. I wonder what he was shopping for bear mace maybe?


MUST WATCH: Regular Man (Animated Series) E...

Oct 22, 2014Comments off130 Views

Regular Man. A modern day superhero with the extraordinary super power of being a regular, every day man in everything he does. He’s normal. He


LAW OF THE JUNGLE: Watch A Lone Crocodile S...

Oct 22, 2014Comments off865 Views

RAVENOUS wild dogs have their meal stolen – by a CROCODILE. The carnivorous canines were feasting on an impala carcass but were secretly being watched