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Jan 20, 201713 Views

“Random Rants” is a series of random phone conversations I have had with people who inspire me and push boundaries in their chosen vocation on

Watch The $100,000 “Wyclef Jean” Video ...

Jan 18, 2017107 Views

Rapper “Young Thug” is notorious for being a bit of a diva and in a move straight out of the rock stars handbook, Young Thug


Jan 17, 201756 Views

Australian-born vixen Louise Willard looks like she is some kind of ancient Greek goddess. It’s apparent that this model is quite private and doesn’t even have

Samurai-Inspired Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Co...

Jan 17, 201749 Views

Japan’s approach to design may seem outdated to some, but its traditions of course run rich and are often times unmatched. Such is the case

VIDEO: UFC President Dana White offers Floy...

Jan 14, 201745 Views

Dana White offers Floyd Mayweather Jr. $25 Million plus Pay-Per-View shares to Fight Conor McGregor in a boxing match; White also claims Mayweather has not

Image Intoxication

Jan 13, 201770 Views

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MUST WATCH: This Video Of A Bull Shark Atta...

Jan 13, 201774 Views

Here’s more proof that everything in the ocean is trying to kill you. This spear fisherman was just minding his own business when a bull

BALLIN’ ON A BUDGET: Custom Built Gig...

Jan 10, 2017105 Views

This is the biggest and dopest shoe box we have ever come across. Instagram user, @theprofessor113, custom built this huge Nike Shoe Box to store

MUST WATCH: Follow The Incredible Story of ...

Jan 10, 201766 Views

In a recent interview with Jenkem Mag, blind skateboarder Dan Mancina talks about how life has changed since losing his vision. From hunting and skateboarding,

The Baller List: The Notorious B.I.G’...

Jan 08, 201760 Views

Biggie Smalls might just be the G.O.A.T of hip hop having consistently ranked as one of the greatest and most influential rappers of all time.