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AUTOS: Maserati’s New Electric Alfieri Su...

Nov 28, 201652 Views

Iconic car maker Maserati has now officially announced that it would be releasing its first electric car by 2020 and furthermore it explained that the



Nov 20, 201689 Views

Take a journey with youtube video blogger Mo Vlogs to check out a Super Car Garage in Dubai that belongs to @don_casanova_75. The Insane collection


AUTOS: Tesla’s Self-Driving Demo Disp...

Nov 20, 201662 Views

Following Tesla’s recent announcement to move up to “Level 5” autonomous driving, the automaker has released a demo video of the Model S’ self-driving technology


VIDEO: Watch US Vice President Joe Biden Do...

Oct 20, 201690 Views

The Secret Service let Vice President of these United States Joe Biden drive his 1967 Corvette when Jay Leno turned up, and the first thing


VIDEO: Scott Speed Wins Second Straight Glo...

Oct 12, 201674 Views

The Red Bull GRC season comes to an end with an action-packed weekend in Los Angeles, culminating in a hard earned win from Brian Deegan


AUTO AWESOMENESS: Renault Unveils Futuristi...

Oct 03, 201699 Views

Renault’s new Trezor is a sleek and glorious 350 horsepower vehicle that serves almost as the epitome of “futuristic design.”   Check out the video below for


RAD RIDES: The Baller Ass Land Rover Defend...

Sep 26, 2016117 Views

As was seen in the amazing  007 Bond film Spectre, Tweaked Automotive offer a chance to deck out a Land Rover Defender to the same

(L-R) Indycar driver Alexander Rossi and Red Bull Air Race pilot Kirby Chambliss race down the course at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA on 01 August 2016.

VIDEO: Alex Rossi’s IndyCar vs. Kirby...

Sep 09, 2016158 Views

IndyCar Driver Alexander Rossi meets Edge 540 Pilot Kirby Chambliss for the ultimate head-to-head race of speed, power and G-Force. After battling on the famed


VIDEO: Curren$y Takes Us To a Car Meet in E...

Aug 26, 2016151 Views

‘Raps N Lowriders’ is new web-series that follows Curren$y as he shows you a day in the life of Lowriding while premiering snippets of new


AUTOS: Lamborghini Unveils Insane $2.3 Mill...

Aug 22, 2016117 Views

Lamborghini has unveiled the open-top version of its latest one-off creation. Equipped with the most powerful engine produced by Lamborghini to date, boasting 770-horsepower, the