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BALLIN’ BABES: B.O.B Chats With Afric...

Nov 03, 2016156 Views

Photos by: Adam Scarf unless otherwise credited. NAME: Malaika Salatis AGE: 23 PROFESSION: Dancer/Model B.O.B: How did you originally get into the modelling profession? Miki:


B.O.B. Reporter Kezia Dawn Talks With V8 Ra...

Oct 07, 2016151 Views

B.O.B.: What originally inspired you to get into motorsports? C.: It was through my father. He was and still is heavily involved in motor racing as more of a mechanic scrutiny. So, the love for moto racing came from him. B.O.B.: When did you decide to go professional? C.: I started at the age of 9 with go­Karts and when I was 16 I got out of it. That’s when we decided to step up in a big way. It wasn’t until 1994 when I got a first full­time sort of a drive in a supercar. So in 1994 I actually got paid the first time for doing something I enjoyed. B.O.B.: Can you give us a quick run­through of your day as a race car driver? C.: Most of the days we’re here quite early ­ anywhere between 7 and 7.30 a.m. We would have a super car signing and practice if it’s practise day. We would probably have about two, three corporate visits to do throughout the day. Our day ends by a minute by minute routine. At the end of the day we would sit down and we would go through what we’ve learned. We leave the track about 7.30­8 p.m. B.O.B.: How many countries have you travelled to? C.: We’ve been to Texas, Indonesia, Dubai and New Zealand (where we go every year). B.O.B.: What’s your favourite place to go to? C.: I really enjoy Texas. It is one of the states I never thought I would travel to, especially with the super car family. It was a huge experience. I also love The States ­ I would like to spend more time there and learn more about it. B.O.B.: What’s something most people don’t know about


B.O.B TV – Episode 2 We Chat To Snowb...

Oct 03, 2016234 Views

In the 2nd episode of B.O.B TV, we take you to Sydney Australia to chat to snowboarding god Travis Rice about his latest film project


B.O.B. Reporter Kezia Dawn Sat Down With Th...

Sep 29, 2016171 Views

Driven and unstoppable, it’s clear this relentless winner of podium titles has only one goal in mind when it comes to the world of motorsports


B.O.B Chats To Australia’s DJ Tenzin ...

Sep 28, 2016127 Views

B.O.B.: Can you tell us how did you originally get into music and what inspired you to get into DJ-ing? T.: So, basically, I grew up



Sep 12, 2016614 Views

Interviewed by Katarzyna Sprengel 2 p.m. in Warsaw. It’s a sultry, bright day. I power walk in my high heel sandals towards Costa Coffee in


B.O.B Talks Western Australian Culture, Mus...

Jul 17, 2016274 Views

B.O.B.: Can you tell us how you got into hip-hop and music in general? Haha, that’s an old question! I was driven into it from

nat 2

B.O.B Chats With Russian Minx And Fashion M...

Jul 14, 2016276 Views

Interview By: Katarzyna Aurora Sprengel   Profession: model, actress, dancer Age: 26 Background: Irkutsk, Russia Profession: Model     B.O.B. How did you originally get into modeling and


B.O.B Chats With Jimmy Nice From Spit Syndi...

Jun 24, 2016293 Views

B.O.B: How did you originally get into hip-hop and music in general? J: Hip-hop was a part of our group from the Inner West since


B.O.B Talks To Freeski Antihero Ahmet Dadal...

Jun 20, 2016614 Views

Name: Ahmet Dadali Profession: Freeskier Sponsors: Volkl Marker USA, Spy Optics, TME energy, Blue Tomato, La Fa Home Town: From Canandaigua NY B.O.B: Who are