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Go On A Wild Ride With Youtuber Alexander T...

Jan 22, 2016No Comments1333 Views

Alexander Tikhomirov take you on an amazing trip with this awesome video of him traveling around Bali, snorkeling, surfing, cliff diving and riding scooters around


VIDEO: Kayaking the Uncharted Beriman River...

Jan 16, 2016No Comments113 Views

    You have most likely never heard of the island of New Britain. Despite its familiar-sounding name, it’s nowhere near its namesake – the



Jan 05, 2016No Comments182 Views

If you thought Etihad Airways’ $32,000 USD three-room Residence suite was ostentatious, here’s something that makes that look like cargo class. Introducing SottoStudios’ Skyacht One,

Jaw-dropping, rare anti-cyclonic tornado tracks in open farm land narrowly missing a home near Simla, Colorado.

Here Are the Winners of the 2015 National G...

Dec 31, 2015No Comments129 Views

National Geographic just announced the winners of the 2015 photo contest and as always, they do not disappoint. This year, the Grand Prize was awarded


VIDEO: This Drone Video Provides a Stunning...

Dec 27, 2015No Comments161 Views

In drone videographer Ian Wood’s latest project, he has traversed over the city documenting the infinitely beautiful works seen on the facades of LA’s buildings.


STRAYA’: An Entire City in Australia ...

Dec 20, 2015No Comments591 Views

Coober Pedy is a small desert town in Australia where the entire population lives in underground homes. With outside temperatures hovering over 100 degrees, residents


Incredible 4k Timelapse Showcases the Ameri...

Oct 09, 2015No Comments111 Views

“In May 2015 I traveled with Michael Sutton and my girlfriend Grace to the American Southwest to film a passion project. Over the span of


Live The Life With Jay Alvarrez & Alex...

Sep 27, 2015No Comments371 Views

Jay Alvarrez & Alexis Ren show the world once again what it’s like to be young good looking and have a trust fund.. Ballin’ On


Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei Reflects on Life i...

Sep 09, 2015No Comments146 Views

The city and environment in which an artist lives and works naturally influences their ideas, practice and form. Here we focus on Beijing and its


Wanderers – An Amazing Short Film on ...

Dec 03, 2014No Comments170 Views

Wanderers is a vision of humanity’s expansion into the Solar System, based on scientific ideas and concepts of what our future in space might look