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VIDEO: 90-seconds Of Hectic Surf Slams At M...

Aug 27, 20169 Views

It’s do or die at the Mexican Pipeline. All or nothing. Few surfers were spared from a seriously cringe-worthy wipeout this season in Mainland Mex.


VIDEO: Watch Pro Big Wave Surfer Andrew Cot...

Aug 26, 201624 Views

Andrew Cotton: Wild Atlantic Way combines secret surf spots and adventure in the big wave surfer’s new three-part series. Follow Andrew Cotton as he embarks


VIDEO: Air drops And Heavy Slabs At Shipste...

Aug 24, 201626 Views

Tasmania’s most famous wave comes to life to launch the Australian winter with a roar. When the southern hemisphere starts to rumble and shake under


Who is JOB 6.0: Giant Jaws On Odd Boards

Aug 14, 201643 Views

El Niño blesses Jaws with some serious swells, so Jamie O’Brien brings the crew over for some shredding and tries to make Poopies drop in


Hurley Presents: “Twelve” ̵...

Aug 12, 201654 Views

Greatness doesn’t happen overnight, even for the best surfer in the world. John John Florence’s new series, ‘Twelve,’ takes you inside John’s quest for his


VIDEO: Rip Curl’s Comfortably Numb &#...

Aug 10, 201649 Views

Mick Fanning and Mason Ho find cold waves and clarity in the frozen north. After a rollercoaster 2015, Mick figured he had met his drama


Must Watch: ESPN Just Dropped A Gull E:60 E...

Aug 05, 201660 Views

On July 19, 2015, three-time world champion surfer Mick Fanning was attacked by a great white shark during a competition. The video went viral —


VIDEO: Scoring Perfect Barrels Somewhere in...

Aug 04, 201658 Views

If you daydream of a crescent of sand flanked by a perfect left and right, then daydream no more. They lurk way out on the


Who is JOB 6.0: Extra – The Kayak Tri...

Aug 03, 201650 Views

When Jamie O’Brien figures out how to drop in and get barreled on kayaks, he naturally goes for the biggest waves he can. After hitting


Who is JOB 6.0: Waimea – X-factor of ...

Aug 01, 201667 Views

JOB 6.0 is BACK. In the season premiere, Jamie O’Brien and crew head to the Waimea River to ride a full flooding river wave all