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VIDEO: Who is JOB 6.0 trailer

Jul 26, 20166 Views

Jamie O’Brien and his motley crew are back for more wild surf adventures. From Hawaii to Europe and beyond; Jamie and crew drop in on


Ballin’ On A Big Budget: Lampuga̵...

Jul 18, 201645 Views

Lampuga’s boost is an electric jet-powered surfboard which features a top speed of 34MPH, a battery life of 40 minutes, a carbon fiber body, and


VIDEO: Tracking Big Wave Hell Men Shane Dor...

Jul 12, 201646 Views

Tracking big wave hell men Shane Dorian and Mark Healey through an epic El Nino season.


VIDEO: Mick Fanning Returns To Surf J-Bay ...

Jul 08, 201658 Views

With the first heats of the Jeffrey’s Bay Open 2016 getting underway, Australian Mick Fanning returns the spot of the attack that had him in


Red Bull Signature Series: Volcom Pipe Pro ...

Jul 06, 201651 Views

The world’s best surfers converge on the legendary Pipeline break in Oahu, Hawaii for some of the best swells the contest has ever seen. As


VIDEO: With Northen Hemisphere Summer here,...

Jul 05, 201647 Views

Via The North Face on Youtube: Good news dirt babies, the Solstice is here, and you know what that means — mother nature is open


VIDEO: Headspace With Surfing God Laird Ham...

Jun 25, 201659 Views

Laird Hamilton needs no introduction. He’s checked every superlative off the list. He’s surfed the biggest waves in the world, and he’s invented new tools

Russell Bierke (Aus) wins 2016 Red Bull Cape Fear, Sydney

VIDEO: Watch All The Action And Carnage Fro...

Jun 10, 2016100 Views

After two days of intense action, Red Bull Cape Fear has come to a close for 2016, with 18-year-old South Coast surfer Russell Bierke the

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B.O.B Chats With Big Wave Hell Man And Red ...

Jun 08, 2016169 Views

BOB:  Can you just give us a little background about yourself? Tell us a bit about how you got into surfing, what it was like

Russell Bierke (Aus) wins 2016 Red Bull Cape Fear, Sydney

Young Gun Russel Bierke Wins Red Bull Cape ...

Jun 08, 201672 Views

After two straight days of unbelievably intense action, Red Bull Cape Fear has come to a close for 2016. There’s one man left standing, and