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MUST WATCH: John John Florence is your 2016...

Oct 25, 201623 Views

First wave ridden: age 3 First contest win: age 7 First wave at Pipe: age 8 First win at Pipe: age 18 First World Tour


VIDEO: A Year In Review On Maui With Clay M...

Oct 24, 201638 Views

Episode 1 of Third Eyeland a short surf film by Davin Phelps filmed over the course of a year on Maui showcasing the beauty of



Oct 14, 201658 Views

This is the life story of three-time world champion surfer Andy Irons who died at age 32 from a heart attack with the secondary cause


VIDEO: The Ho Family Takes Down Pipeline Li...

Oct 13, 201651 Views

Pipeline went off this past weekend as a sort of unofficial kickoff to the upcoming winter surf season. And who was there to dominate? None


STYLE: How Saturdays NYC Went from One Stor...

Sep 26, 201664 Views

GQ shows you how the NYC surf lifestyle brand went from surf shop to full-fledged laid-back lifestyle brand.


VIDEO: Going Back To Cali With Jamie O̵...

Sep 25, 201656 Views

Watch on below as Jamie O’Brien takes a trip to California for some surfing, skating, and shenanigans. Their jam-packed trip has everything from shore break


VIDEO: Mick Fanning Scores All Time Gold Co...

Sep 18, 201682 Views

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the Gold Coast’s run of incredible swell just won’t let up. We showed Mick Fanning get


VIDEO: John John Florence & Kelly Slat...

Sep 15, 201698 Views

Young prodigy John Florence and 11-time world champ, Kelly Slater, head to the otherworldly destinations, where filmmaker Talon Clemow creatively retrieves a lost backpack. Today,


Bali Java: The Alana Blanchard edits

Sep 15, 201691 Views

Nothing is better than Alana Blanchard surfing in Bali. That’s just a fact.  


VIDEO: Yep Dronesurfing Is Now a Thing

Sep 15, 201678 Views

Drones are slowly becoming a staple of our 21st society!! They have been used for all sorts of things. But this is the first time