Watch the Official Trailer for Hanksy’s “Surplus Candy”



The Hundreds have enlisted the help of anonymous street artist Hanksy for an online six-part web series titled “Surplus Candy” exploring graffiti hotspots across the American continent. Kicking things off with an insight into Montreal’s budding graffiti scene, the artist is set to visit other locations such as Detroit, Austin, Portland and more.
The man himself said:

“There’s a bunch of art getting painted on walls between New York City and LA and it’s my opinion that if a knucklehead artist like myself is randomly given some weird pseudo-serious spotlight, they use it for good not evil. The best thing I can do is show what’s up and what’s going down in the smaller markets of North America. Elevating others always beats out the dog-eat-dog.”

Produced by The Hundreds, check their website every other Wednesday at 12PM PST starting October 1 to join Hanksy’s ongoing journey.