“Ballin’ Babes” Presents: Aussie Inked Up Goddess Amber Rose



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Name: Amber Rose

Age: 24

Profession: Student




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B.O.B: How Did You Originally Get Into The Modelling Profession?

As a kid at about 4 years old, my mum had ‘Pixie Fotos’ taken of me, like most mothers do. Unbeknownst to her, they had entered my picture into a competition. I entered up winning some title, but it came with a free portfolio photoshoot and an agency interview… I guess that’s where it all began.


B.O.B: What’s The Most Money You’ve Spent On Clothes? I’m A Day?

Mmmmmmm in the last 12 months the most I have spent in one store was around $900 on clothing.



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B.O.B: Who Is Your Favorite Pokemon?

Charizard…. Only because it was my brother’s favorite and I secretly wanted to be just like him.


B.O.B: Are You Into Action Sports At All?

I essentially grew up at Eastern Creek Raceway. The majority of my baby photos are my propped on top of a superbike. My family are also hugely into motorcross, and I love the action. UFC is also a big favorite of mine, I cant wait to see what the future of the sport looks like.


B.O.B: If The World Was Going To End Tomorrow And You Had An Unlimited Budget And 24 Hours To Spend It, What Would You Do And Who Would You Do It With?

I think money would be irrelevant if I knew I had 24hours left, I would most likely gather my favorite people, order tones of delicious food and dozens of bottles of red wine and enjoy their company.


B.O.B: If We Were At The Bar And It’s Our Round, What Would You Be Drinking?

I love a margarita, Sazerac or Old Fashioned…. yummmmmm


B.O.B: What Are Your Plans For The Next Year?

I am having a year of enlightenment I think, realizing I don’t need to fit neatly into the categories that society has established. I’m trying to do whatever I can this year to makes myself happy.


B.O.B: If You Could Change One Thing About The World, What Would It Be?

I would change people’s perception. I would remove people ability to judge & hate. Allow everyone to just be happy.


The secret to happiness is freedom🦄

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B.O.B: Can You Please Explain The Inspiration For Your Amazing Back Piece?

My back tattoo is of my favorite photograph that I have loved for years, I never thought about translating it into a tattoo until I showed my tattoo artist at AD8 on the Gold Coast, Nate Stanbridge, and his eyes lit up… I knew something amazing was to happen.

The photograph is of Miss Evelyn McHale, taken in 1947. She committed suicide by jumping off the Empire State building in New York after a break up with her fiancé. The photograph was captured seconds after she landed on a limousine, she looks effortlessly beautiful in her death, almost as if she could be napping.

The photograph resonates with me in so many different ways. But I believe what most people are impacted by, is that Evelyn had survived the depression of war, but the depression of love was what broke her.


Books wash the soul from the dust of everyday life ❤️

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B.O.B: What Character In History Dead Or Alive Do You Most Identify With?

The first character that comes to my mind is Max Black from 2 Broke Girls played by Kat Dennings.


B.O.B: What Is Your Favorite Country You Have Visited So Far?

I haven’t traveled nearly as much as I dream I could, so far I’ve been to Thailand, Fiji, Mexico and around America twice. But I do love the carefree summer lifestyle of Thailand. Give me a cold coconut and a beach any day.


B.O.B: What ‘S Your Favorite Quote?

“Its all temporary” – unknown


B.O.B: If There Was An Impending Zombie Apocalypse, What Would Be Your Zombie Killing Weapon Of Choice?

Batman would be my weapon… Because its batman.


Skateboarding is not a crime‼️

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B.O.B: What Was Your First Tattoos?

Ahhhh my 16th birthday present from my parents… a tramp stamp. Yes the lower back tattoo. Surprising for a 16 year old, I know, but my first tattoo was the Wisdom Eyes of Buddah, the symbol of peace, harmony, wisdom and conscience.



B.O.B: Favourite Ninja Turtle?

I think everyone agrees Leonardo is the best….



B.O.B: We Have Heard On The Grapevine That You Are Studying To Be A Doctor?

Not entirely, I am currently studying criminology and criminal justice and I would like to master in forensic pathology and forensic science. My dream job would to be a forensic pathologist, which is yes, a doctor… hopefully one day I will be Dr Rose!


Shout Outs? 

A huge shoutout to Nate Stanbridge. Nate is my tattoo artist from AD8 Studios on the Gold Coast. I urge anyone considering some decent ink to see him!

Time well wasted

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Days like today 👌🏻

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We are lucky to live here ❤️

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“But I do believe in souls being in sync, souls that mirror each other.” —Richelle Mead Photographer:📷 @36thirtybj

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Snapbacks&Tattoos Made Status 👊🏻

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Sunshine sunrise ☀️

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