MUST WATCH: What’s better than a Monster girl boat party

8 Smoking hot Monster Girls take a little break from grid girl duties to relax in Barcelona after the Monster Energy Catalunya MotoGP.

Miles Daisher sets World Record with 63 BASE Jumps in 24 Hours!

How did you spend the longest day of the year? Miles Daisher spent the extra hours of daylight on the summer solstice throwing himself off

VIDEO: Living The Dream Life In Dubai With Youtube Superstar Jay Alvarrez

“This was the most insane trip of my life.. I’ve never pushed my crazy side this much before.. Unexpected moments of magic, bliss, love, adrenaline

Video: Action Sports Superstar Travis Pastrana Shares Stories Of His Night Terrors

Travis Pastrana shares stories of his night terrors, including waking up in an elevator opening to a hotel lobby and running inside a plane screaming

Marijuana Could Help Prevent Brain Diseases

We already know that smoking a blunt (or you know, using small doses of cannabinoids under medical supervision) can help everything from cancer pain, PTSD,

HBO Has Just Released Another Trailer for “Game of Thrones” Season 7 And It’s Amazing!

HBO released another trailer for the upcoming 7th season of Game of Thrones yesterday. This one might give us the best look yet at what

VIDEO: adidas drops in down under for Skate Copa Court Sydney

Adidas Skateboarding presents Skate Copa Court Sydney, Australia. Unlocking a new location under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and celebrating GSD, Skate Copa Court saw the

The Stomping Grounds: Corvatsch spring session 2017

Some of the best snowboarders from around the world come to Corvatsch, Switzerland to ride Charles Beckinsale jumps at the 2017 Stomping Grounds Spring Session

Watch the Official Trailer for “BUILT TO FAIL: A Streetwear Story

Here we have the first official trailer for Bobby Kim’s (co-founder of The Hundreds) new documentary, BUILT TO FAIL: A Streetwear Story. BUILT TO FAIL:

Wiz Khalifa on Pre-Rolls, Lil’ Uzi Vert and how Buff He’s Trying to Get!

Stoner icon Wiz Khalifa talks to big boy about Pre-Rolls, Lil’ Uzi Vert and how Buff He’s Trying to Get!

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