“Ballin’ Babes” Presents: Aussie Goddess And Doctor In The Making: Kylee Wardle



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NAME: Kylee Wardle

AGE: 28



B.O.B: How did you originally get into the modelling profession?


Kylee Wardle: Many years ago I had my first photo shoot with Danial Gowans and I suppose that kicked things off.



B.O.B: What’s the most money you’ve spent on clothes? In a day?


Kylee Wardle: Ohhh easily thousands – working away means I have to fit all my shopping into small time frames, max spending haha




B.O.B: Are you into action sports at all?


Kylee Wardle: Yes!I love anything moto X especially.

Anything extreme that has a high risk of injury – that sounds a little sadistic but I think it makes it more exciting


B.O.B: If we were at the bar and it’s our round, what would you be drinking?


Kylee Wardle: Curse me for saying this but probably vodka redbulls, that or a coffee martini 👌🏼



B.O.B: What are your plans for the next year?


Kylee Wardle: Next year I start medical school full time – not more dirty hands not high vis and no hard hat. I’m beyond excited.




B.O.B: If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?


Kylee Wardle: Change the economic divide.. create a larger middle class, find some way of directing finance to our 3rd world countries.. Instead of 2% of our population being wealthier than the remaining 98% while more than half of that suffer their whole lives living below the poverty line.



B.O.B: What is your favorite country you have visited so far?


Kylee Wardle: The United States Of America – Las Vegas specifically I love Vegas, what happens there stays there 😉



B.O.B: What ‘s your favorite quote?


Kylee Wardle: You should only ever believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear




B.O.B: If there was an impending zombie Apocalypse, what would be your zombie killing weapon of choice?


Kylee Wardle: I’m feeling like something explosive – maybe a bazooka or grenade of some kind – I wouldn’t wanna get too close haha.



B.O.B: Favourite ninja turtle?


Kylee Wardle: Oh definitely The green one ? Hahaha



B.O.B: Favorite quote?


Kylee Wardle: “You should only ever believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear.”



B.O.B: We have heard on the grapevine that you are studying to be a doctor?


Kylee Wardle: I am indeed – many years to go, but one day I will most definitely be Dr Wardle


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B.O.B: You were given the title of world’s hottest miner by Zoo magazine can you tell us about how you originally got into working in a mine and what kind of attention did you get after that magazine shoot came out?


Kylee Wardle: Straight from the pages of Zoo magazine, so it must be true.. hahaha
My dad has worked in the industry a long time and got me my first few jobs, it’s never what you know, but who you know in that industry.
To be honest I’m not sure many people knew it was me haha, I don’t make a habit of going to work looking like that, but I did sign a few mags at work which was quite funny.



B.O.B: Worst pick-up line you have ever gotten while being in a west bum fuck town out in the middle of nowhere? 😛


Kylee Wardle: *spills drink on me

“I knew I’d make you wet..”

^^^ oh vomit”


k1 kylee-wardle-14


Shout outs?


Kylee Wardle: Has to be to my girls back home, that’s ok forever missing working away.. Tiff, Sophie, Ellie, Sonia




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