B.O.B Talks To Freeski Antihero Ahmet Dadali About Progression And The Current State Of The Sport Of Freeskiing


Name: Ahmet Dadali

Profession: Freeskier

Sponsors: Volkl Marker USA, Spy Optics, TME energy, Blue Tomato, La Fa

Home Town: From Canandaigua NY


B.O.B: Who are your favourite skiers in the game at the moment?

Ahmet: For me personally, they include Mike Hornbeck, Henrik Harlaut, and N B-Dog.

B.O.B: Who were your earliest influences as a skier?

Ahmet: David Crichton always influenced my street skiing, just from the very beginning, He took a full on different approach to the way he hit things and stood out like crazy.


B.O.B: What are your thoughts on the current state of the ski industry?

Ahmet: The Olympics was supposed to fix everything right? Wrong. Sponsors are doing less and less to support a lot of riders, and our industry is going to be folding onto itself until we start taking more control of the business behind it. Help out your small brands.

B.O.B: Whats your favourite warm-up trick on a big backcountry kicker?

Ahmet: I have no favourite warm up trick. I try to break things down – as what different trick I need to do that I haven’t done that year yet. Then I try my best to get that first hit. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, haha!

B.O.B: Who is the best all-round skier in the world at the moment in your opinion?

Ahmet: In my mind Candide is the best shredder there is, no doubt. However, when you say “all-round”, I have to include streets and park along with backcountry. I would put Henrik in that spot. This dude is out of his mind good. I have seen some glimpses of their new movie for this year and it will blow fools straight out their pants.


B.O.B: Can you tell us about your company La Familia? How did that come to be and where do you wanna take it in the future?

Ahmet: La Fa is a group of style-oriented skiers with a similar mindset when it comes to skiing. It started in Michigan with Kelly Armintrout. He is a bad, bad dude on and off skis. Kelly had a meeting with Hornbeck in Michigan and took it out west. They created LA FA. When I met these boys back in 2006, we rode together like mad, shared similar ideas and eventually we all took La Fa further. We are a company that truly loves skiing and do not care for the leeches of the sport and we let it be known. We would like to hope the ones that follow us feel the same way.

Now I have taken control over La Fa as a company and I am trying to get it a little bigger, so we can start supporting the skiing we love and giving back to the community. The only way to do this is to have people support the company. It is an apparel brand, so please check it out, show love and “Be La Fa livin’”: www.lafachannel.com.

B.O.B: Your web series “Flip Da Script” is one of the best free-ski based web series’ on the internet. Can you tell us about how you came up with this original concept and where you would like to take the series this upcoming winter?

Ahmet: Thanks a lot, man! I have put a lot of work into trying to make it work out. “Flip The Script” was invented because I was tired of putting out one segment the whole year with one company. I wanted to be able to film more and put out more to the people that enjoy my skiing. Also, it was interesting to see how much I could get done in a year with a filmer by my side. My sponsors have been more than accommodating to help me make this happen. I was tired of being taken advantage of and saw it as a time to take my skiing into my own hands and broadcast it that way. The hardest part is truly getting it out there to be seen. “ Freeskier magazine” has never once asked me to talk about the series or included any photos that were taken as a part of this series. Why? Did I not pay for an ad with them? This is where skiing is falling apart. It becomes difficult for most of these skiers, who are trying to do similar things to be able to reach a broader audience. What I am saying is, skiers, when you see a guy put out something he has been working on, share it around as much as you can – you don’t understand how much this helps us to continue producing these types of edits and give them for free! I can’t stress that enough.

This upcoming winter I am looking at living out of an RV and documenting the travels to follow the snow, through the streets to parks around the midwest for the “La Fapocalypse Tour” to backcountry in the west. I am starting the plans now and I am very excited to make this a reality.

B.O.B: Can you tell us a little about your pro-model ski that you have done with Volkl?

Ahmet: The ski is absolutely bad ass. While working with Volkl, we have made a wider and more flexible ski called “The Revolt”. This ski has flex points in the nose, tail making butters and manuals, which makes everything easier and much more fun. 95 under foot, 129 nose, and 119 tail…These babies are not only good for park, but if there is some snow off the trail, I will rally them like crazy out of the park. Everyone debating what ski to get should seriously cop a pair of these, you won’t be disappointed.


B.O.B: With guys doing triple cork 1620’s, people throwing big back country doubles and people skiing bigger and more exposed lines each year, do you see a limit to the progression of free-skiing? And if not, where do you see free-skiing and action sports heading in the next 10 years?

Ahmet: Yeah, of course, there is going to be a limit to the bigger and bigger stuff, but there is never a limit to the different ways you can use the skis and the style you can put into your tricks. Style is absolutely timeless. Tricks aren’t always the same unless they are extremely different. B-Dog is a good example of how certain tricks will be watched for ages to come. Free-skiing and action sports will never die, because the style progression will always be there – like I said, it is timeless

B.O.B: What did you think about Jesper Tjander’s recent “Unrailistic” edit featuring double flips to rails and flip on flip combos?

Ahmet: I don’t care much for it. But it is crazy, there is no doubt about that! The dude is crazy!


B.O.B: What other sports are you into besides skiing?

Ahmet: I like to surf and try to skate. I get down on any type of ball sports when the opportunities are presented: soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, whatever it is, I love to do. Also, I Fly-Fish pretty much every day in the summer.

B.O.B: If the world was about to end tomorrow and you could do whatever you wanted with whoever you wanted, what would you do, where would you go and who would you go with?

Ahmet: Hell, if the world was going to end, I would be up in Alaska with all my La Fa boys. We would get absolutely destroyed on those lines, but if the world is going to end, fuck it.


B.O.B: Who are your 3 greatest influences outside of the sport of skiing?

Ahmet: I have got mad respect for Kelly Slater. He is into his 40’s and still romps on them, he has got a good head on him, no doubt. I also have respect for Che Guevara – in his writings and actions, I find he appeals to a lot of my beliefs. He was a revolutionary fighter and fought for his beliefs to unite all the oppressed people. He was ready to die at any moment for the idea of uniting all the South and Central Americans, pretty damn admirable! I guess the last great influence is everyone that truly finds a way to live their life. Anyone on that path is someone to look up to.


B.O.B: Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Ahmet: I live in the present. Don’t try to plan anything for the future, it will come when it comes and the actions I do presently will shape the future 10 years down the line, so paying attention to now is the best thing to do for me.

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