B.O.B Chats To Australia’s DJ Tenzin About Ibiza, Future Music Festival & The State Of Music Down Under



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B.O.B.: Can you tell us how did you originally get into music and what inspired you to get into DJ-ing?

T.: So, basically, I grew up in Byron Bay and went to Byron Bay high school. I’ve met this
guy, who eventually became my friend. We traded basketball cards and I was trying to get the
good ones off him, obviously! He played guitar, so he taught me how to play basic guitar. It
took me two weeks to learn one song – it was “Come As You Are” by Nirvana. Then we’ve
decided we are going to start a band. We’ve started playing punk dance. I’ve moved to
Sydney when I’ve finished school in Byron Bay and I’ve started buying records. From then
on, I became a DJ, I guess!

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B.O.B.: What do you think about the Australian scene on the international scale? Do
you think it compares to everywhere else?

T.: The Australian scene is fading a little bit compared to everywhere else (places like Vegas
and Europe). Yet, we are strong in other scenes. We are bringing a lot to the table as in
music genres, production, and artists. On a global scale, our artists are incredible, but our
whole club environment is slowly fading.

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B.O.B.: You took part in the Future Music festivals over the last few years. Can you tell us about some of the highlights or unique moments that happened during this period?

T.: Oh mate, the Future Music Festival was one of the most fun times I had on some stages!
One of the first ones was playing before the Swedish House Mafia. We were called up to fill
in. We said “okay, this is going to be crazy” and we’ve stepped out in front of 40 thousand
people, it was a pretty amazing feeling. Then, last year we were doing both Sydney and Perth.
There was a bit of a storm in Sydney and I had to play second last – that was probably one of
the best sets I’ve ever played. Fucking incredible!

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B.O.B.: You lived in Ibiza for a while. Can you tell us about some of the clubs you
worked at there and what the difference is between here and there? How can we
improve our scene in Australia?

T.: Ibiza is just next level. It has everything you want – the beaches, the clubs, the scene, the
lifestyle, the music. The clubs there are amazing. Everyone gets in the European vibe. The
trends are totally different and people follow them. The radio stations are all playing the
current house music that is played in the clubs, whereas in Australia we are playing shitty,
cheesy pop. It’s two different wavelengths in that sense. We can definitely take a lot from

B.O.B.: Can you tell us with what record label you are on and what projects have you got going at the moment?

T.: At the moment, most of my releases are coming through Bombsquad Records and Central

Station Records from Australia. I’ve just released a song with Zoë Badwi, who is back in
action after a car accident. She is getting back on her feet after two years. The song is called
“Love me Baby”. Also, I’ve got a new one, “Behind Blue Eyes”, originally by The Who. It’s a
remake that will probably come out in a month. Hopefully, it will be a big one. Then, there is
another one called “All Or Nothing”, which has a more of a commercial cross-over tune.
B.O.B.: If we were at a bar and it’s our round, what would you be drinking?
T.: I’m currently trying to lose the beer belly (laugh), so probably a tequila shot and vodka

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B.O.B.: If you could work with any three music artists, dead or alive, who would you
work with and why?

T.: Um… Quincy Jones, because he is just a freak in all different ways music goes. He is a
producer and a musician – he just knows what sounds good. Then I’ll probably pick Jimmy
Hendrix, just because I would just love to be back in this era…Chilling out at Woodstock,
backstage, taking acid and the like. My third one would have to be Dr. Dre. Watching
Eminem and everyone in the studio would be inspiring for sure.

B.O.B.: Can you tell us if you have aspirations in regards to Tomorrowland and some of those big international festivals? Are there any that you aspire to get to?

T.: Hundred percent! Tomorrowland is definitely the top of it- it’s the next level and nothing
really compares to it. EDC and Ultra are still massive as well. They are all milestones that
you need to check off and hopefully, that won’t be too far in the future.

B.O.B.: Can you tell us where is your next gig and where do you like playing in

T.: My favourite nightclub in Australia would probably be HQ in Adelaide or …Gilligans in
Cairns, it’s always crazy and full with backpackers going bonkers.

SunHead with my home girls @dj.brooklyn @theroyalsdj

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B.O.B.: It seems that you live in Sydney. You’ve seen the lock-out laws coming into the play over the last year or two. A lot of the live music venues in Sydney are slowly going out of the business. What kind of seeds need to be planted so we can get our culture
back in our city?

T.: Everyone is blaming the lock-out laws for all the problems, but we can still have a night
out on the town early. LA does it, they have a 2 AM cut off on drinks – ours is only 1.30 AM.
The only difference is that in LA they would still pour a whole bottle into your drinks at 2
AM and not throw you out. I think if we go out earlier, we can have fun at 10 PM and go
home at 2 AM. Plus, probably we would have less of a hangover the next day. It’s a culture
thing – we are used to one thing, so we rebel against another.

B.O.B.: Can you tell me what’s the key to balling on a budget, living a rockstyle life
without a shitload of money? Give us some life hacks.

T.: You definitely need to have a sick Instagram account. Take a lot of selfies and photos of
you looking like you are balling, haha. It’s all about fun – you don’t need money to have fun.
If you are happy, you are balling in your own mind.

B.O.B.: if the world to end tomorrow because of an impending apocalypse and money was not a factor, where would you go and what would you do in the remaining 24 hours?

T.: We would go straight to a modeling agency, take all the models, go to Fiji and take over
the whole Fiji!

B.O.B.: What country has the hottest women in your opinion?

T.: Spain has some really hot ones. Australia has some hot girls. Every country has hot girls in
their own way. The Swedish are pretty hot as well…

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B.O.B.: You grew up surfing. Can you tell us what you do for fun on the side?

T.: Yeah, I like surfing and skateboarding, but now I’ve kinda given up surfing. I’m more
interested in snowboarding, soccer and jet skiing.

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B.O.B.: Where do you see yourself in five years with your music career and do you
think living in Australia has held you back or has been a good thing for going into the international scene?

T.: I think I will definitely have to move overseas.  Australia holds you a little bit back in that sense. The next step is to head to LA, probably.

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