B.O.B Talks Western Australian Culture, Music And Pop Culture References With Aussie Emcee Drapht



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B.O.B.: Can you tell us how you got into hip-hop and music in general?

Haha, that’s an old question! I was driven into it from a young age. My dad had an incredible record collection – he collected rare vinyls. I was listening to records since I was 8. The poetic nature of music got me, but you don’t have to have special abilities to do it.

B.O.B.: People say you have a distinct Ozzie style. What do you think about it? Do you agree with that?

Uhm, I don’t know if it’s a distinct Ozzie sound. Maybe it’s more of a voice thing – some people like it and enjoy listening to it, and some don’t . All you can do is always be honest with yourself. I wouldn’t agree with the people saying that I have a distinct style because I don’t think I have one whatsoever. In any regards, even genre-specific, I’m more sub-genre: hip-hop, some rock.


B.O.B.: What do you think about the state of Australian hip-hop and do you think it is potentially possible to bring an Aussie artist overseas?

People are constantly pushing boundaries – it’s definitely a possibility for anyone nowadays. But you need to have a very unique voice. Hopefully. Aussie hip-hop will progress, continue pushing boundaries and move beyond the borders of the country.,

B.O.B. You have a lot of cultural references in your music. Can you tell us what influences that?

I like using the metaphors and analogies. Everyone knows who those big people (movie stars, reality stars) are and they can relate to it..


B.O.B. If you could work with any three artists, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

The Beatles for sure. I love their style. Then…Stevie Wonder! And the third one? I don’t know.

B.O.B. If you wouldn’t be doing hip-hop, what would you be doing as a job to make money?

Well…I ran a restaurant for a year. I would probably go back to hospitality and start a restaurant.


B.O.B. You’re from Perth. What is there to do over there on the West Coast?

Hahahaha! Oh, the people there are amazing. I lived there when I was younger, but when I was 24 I moved to Melbourne. There is so much culture and variety there at the moment. There are cool little venues, festivals, and wineries.

B.O.B. Who in Australian hip-hop do you respect? Is there anyone specific in the Australian or American game that you would like to collaborate with in the near future?

There are a lot of people like that…Kane…

B.O.B. If there was an upending apocalypse, what would be your weapon of choice to survive and to destroy zombies?

About four years ago…


B.O.B. If we were at the bar and it’s our round what would you be drinking?

Margaritas all night long. Pina colada all night long.

B.O.B. Who would win in a fight – Russell Crowe or Naomi Campbell?

Russell Crowe for sure. Easy!

B.O.B. You’re playing at Summernats this summer – are you into cars? What can we expect from this show?

I’m not a massive car person – I’ve got an old car which I love. What you can expect from the show? I’ve got a massive band – guitarist, soul singer, drums…All of them are coming along. I’m really looking forward to it – it should be a lot of fun!

B.O.B. Okay, last question – can you tell us a bit about the music you are working on now and when are you dropping your next album?

Yeah, for sure. Well, it’s finished and it’s in the mastering process right now. It’s quite private, like an animation of my life with a lot more instrumentation. There are a lot of features.

B.O.B. How do you ball on a budget – live a rockstar lifestyle with not much money?

That’s difficult! I don’t know if I can afford to ball on a budget anymore…



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