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It’s definite – Tess is on a roll. With the contagious energy and vitality she continues to expand, Tess effectively combines mainstream music with deep house, which keeps her crowds pumping and asking for more mixes. No wonder she is in high demand considering her international tours, unique and thrilling beats, not to mention the stunning looks!
Tess has been playing in Sydney and Melbourne many times, but also succesfully made her presence in Europe, USA and Asia. She performs at events for high end fashion brands like for Ralph Lauren, David Jones and Myer. Yet, that’s not all – Tess does modeling too and has signed with Silhouette Models. Looks like nothing can stop this girl!

1. Most predictable question ever…what got you into music? And what do you enjoy about it most?

I started playing violin from an early age, and regularly sung in school in choirs and concerts so it has always been a part of my life. I used to put on shows as a kid ha, ha. I enjoy the fact that it can brighten your mood, bring you back to a time in your life, and also just the feeling of being on a big stage is indescribable..

2.What was the best/weirdest/craziest thing you ever did or witnessed musically?

I played at a Snow Party in Sydney last year, and the guys in the audience were covered in foam and it was just a vibe.. They were basically just putting it all over each others faces like it was just one big big bubble bath on the dance floor…

3.Which artists did you enjoy collaborating with most?

I just recently collaborated with a duo from Sydney for our New Single ‘Addicted’ which I featured on, they are talented DJ/Producer’s and absolutely nailed the tune production wise.

4.If you could pick 3 artists to work with, dead or alive, who would they be?

I love many musicians from the past and current ones, as well as many different styles of music. However, for my specific style, I would say Kygo, Seeb and Calvin Harris.

5.What are your other passions?

Reading when I can, and being around my friends and family. Plus traveling.

6.Can you tell us how your typical day looks like?

Writing lyrics, preparing new music for upcoming gigs, coffee, studio a couple of times a week and of course exercise.

7.How often do you get to travel for work? What was the most enjoyable place you’ve been to?

A little – in Australia it was very often. In LA, sometimes. The best place was Zurich, Switzerland for a gig, that was very cool – the vibe, the people!

8.What were the best nightclubs you’ve played at? Is there any place you want to have a gig at but haven’t been to yet?

Drai’s, Las Vegas was my favourite. Marquee, Sydney. Pacha, Sydney. The Argyle, Sydney.
Create, Hollywood. Probably one of the big ones in Vegas, I would love to play at, like Hakkasan!

9.If we were at a bar right now, what would you drink?

I like to change it up, I would probably have a gin martini…

10. And to finish off…where do you see your modelling going? Do you think it compliments what you’re trying to achieve?

It has always been a part of my life since I was a little girl. It compliments what I am trying to achieve as a DJ and singer because I am always looking for new ways to improve my brand . Modelling really channels that as each shoot requires a different look. I was so shy as a little girl and modelling really helped me to be more confident.

Instagram: @tessvocklermusic
S-Cloud: http://soundcloud.com/dj-tv-1
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DJTessVockler


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