B.O.B Chats To Snowboardings Wild Man Dustin Craven About Filming Video Parts, Crazy Groupies And Traveling The World

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Name: Dustin craven

Profession: Snowboarder

Age: 26

Home Town: Calgary, Alberta



B.O.B: Who were your earliest influences as a snowboarder?


Dustin Craven: Andrew Hardingham, Tj Scheider, Scott Shaw, Jonas Guinn and my snowboard coach Mike Stastook.


B.O.B: What was the local scene in Calgary like where you grew up? With COP so close by and so many world-class mountains within a few hours drive, it must have been amazing. (Lake Louise,Sunshine, Japser,Fernie, Kicking Horse ect.)


Dustin Craven: I grew up right across the street from Canadian Olympic Park. It’s a really small hill but has a great park and pipe so you could go there from six till nine every night and get tons of runs in. Being able to go to that hill every night really helps you progress until you get a little bit older and you realize that snowboarding isn’t all about jumping. I had some of the best backcountry riding, just an hour from where I lived. I spent a lot of time riding in the Rockies and I think that because we have really good park and such good pow riding that riders from Alberta are well rounded snowboarders.


B.O.B: Who was your 1st sponsor?


Dustin Craven:  Capita was my first sponsor ever and I’ve been on their team for 12 years.


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B.O.B: When you were coming up, was it your main goal to become a pro snowboarder or did you just ride heaps and it just kind of happened naturally?


Dustin Craven: I always really wanted to be a pro snowboarder. At first I just wanted to be better then everyone, but as time passes you realize that its not about who is the best, but that you are having fun doing what you love. I think that helps to keep my level of riding progressive.


B.O.B: First Published photo in a magazine?


Dustin Craven: Snowboard Canada. It was a bomb drop off the roof of my junior high school.


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B.O.B: Can you tell us about some of your crazy experiences traveling the world as a pro snowboarder?


Dustin Craven: I’ve been to many places for contests when I was younger and I always got super excited to go to these places—not for the contest, but for the parties. It’s always the best because when the contest is over and no one has any obligations everyone lets loose. There are too many good times to be told for me and most of them are on lock down.


B.O.B: What ever happened to the “Girls Who Hate Dustin Craven” Facebook group?


Dustin Craven: I think it’s like anything on Facebook. If it’s not trending then it’s gone. Must not be enough girls that hate me to keep it alive.


B.O.B: You’ve got a bit of a reputation for being a wild child. How do you think that came about?


Dustin Craven: I think that I just always loved to party and fuck around. I wasn’t ever worried about what people thought. All I knew was that I’m having a ton of fun and I plan to keep having it.

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B.O.B: Fav warm up trick on a big backcountry step down?


Dustin Craven: Cab five or back one.


B.O.B: You have filmed with quite a few different film companies, from Local Rocky mountain ones to more recently with Videograss, and Capita’s ‘Defenders Of Awesome’ 1 & 2. Do you have a plan of what shots/tricks you want to shoot for your upcoming video-part, or do you just wing it and see what happens?


Dustin Craven: Every year you sit there and think about everything you want to do. The things you have done that you want to do better and the things you’re going to do to take your snowboarding to the next level. At the end of the day backcountry parts come down to just a few days so if you are having a bad day then it’s going to make your plan go to shit. Every year you just got to relax and see what the snow does and hope that you don’t get hurt


B.O.B: If you could slap anyone in the face without repercussion, who would it be?


Dustin Craven: Nicolas Cage. Besides Gone in Sixty Seconds he fucking sucks.


B.O.B: Who do you spend most of your time with?


Dustin Craven: My girlfriend Nat, Mikey, Charles and my cat George.


B.O.B: Will you be competing much in the 2014/15 winter? If so what comps? And do you plan on filming?


Dustin Craven: No comps but I’m going to be filming for Snowboarder Magazine in their second movie.

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B.O.B: You’ve spent quite a lot of time traveling, snowboarding and filming in Euro resorts. What is your favourite European resort for riding and terrain? Secondly, which resort has the best partying and the easiest women?


Dustin Craven: St Anton is awesome for boarding. I always remember how stunned I was when I saw how big the resort is. For a good party and girls Whistler will always treat you right, but I’ve always had a soft spot for anywhere in Norway. That place is heaven.


B.O.B: What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?


Dustin Craven: I used to wash dishes. I can’t say it is the worst job that I ever had cause I really liked it, but to be honest I haven’t had very many jobs.


B.O.B:  If we are at the bar and it’s our shout what are you drinking?


Dustin Craven: Maybe some whiskey, but crushing beers is always best.



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B.O.B: If you could go heli-boarding for one day in any range in the world with perfect conditions, where would you go and who would you take (dead or alive)?


Dustin Craven: I would go to Alaska and I would probably take my friend Charles cause we always have a great time when we go boarding.


B.O.B: You traveled around filming for Fuel TV’s ‘Danny & The Dingo’ for quite a while. Can you tell us some funny stories about groupie love? Or something Dumb Dingo did while on the road?


Dustin Craven: I will always remember the time that Dingo did a front 7. Everyone always looks at Dingo and it’s like “Oh he doesn’t know about snowboarding”, but the guy loves to board and used to go every day, so when he landed that 7 it was like, oh shit, that was sick.


B.O.B: Who would win in a fight Terje or Kelly Slater?


Dustin Craven: Terje


B.O.B: Which country has the hottest women?


Dustin Craven: Norway.




B.O.B: Plans for the 2015 winter?


Dustin Craven:  Just get out there and board.


B.O.B: Shout outs?


Dustin Craven: Capita UNION, Monster Under Armour, Grenade, I/S, Beaver Wax.


Get Outta Town: Dustin Craven – Full Part from Snowboarder Magazine on Vimeo.