This is the story of John Kelly, the 22-year-old LA Rams running back. When he isn't on the gridiron, he tackles skateboarding.
Jake at the helm with a gang of heavyweights in tow—this Indy trip to OZ is pure destruction on all levels.
Shawn visualizes the skateboarding landscape from an extraordinary perspective that’ll change the way you look at spots. This is a beautiful video part.
Watch on below as Brandon Westgate shows you why he's considered to one of the greatest street skaters on earth.
Terry Kennedy—one of the most quotable figures in skateboarding—lets his clips do the talking in his new part for Muta Skateboards.
"Learning new tricks is a landmark of skateboarding. It’s a process that is not always groundbreaking or easy to understand from a non-skating perspective. I documented the journey of doing an “NBD” (never been done) on...
One of skateboarding’s biggest personalities, Jake Phelps, has suddenly and unexpectedly passed away at age 56. The full details are yet to surface but the news comes as a surprise and is being felt...
There’s a crispness to Austyn’s skating that separates him from the pack. Everything just SNAPS off the ground with prodigious power. That switch push is otherworldly as well...
Westgate is one of a kind. Pure POWER, with style and grace to spare. This is 16 minutes you won’t forget.
Haslam has always owned his own wavelength, making the unbelievable somehow possible. His sorcery continues with this new mind-bending video part.