CHIN WAG: Dustin Dollin


NAME: Dustin Dollin

AGE: Dirty 30’s

HOME TOWN: Sydney, Australia

CURRENTLY RESIDES :West Hollywood, California

SPONSORS: Vans shoes, Baker skateboards, Volcom clothing, Independent trucks, Spitfire wheels, Shake Junt accessories


B.O.B: Yo Dustin What up mate?

Dustin: Hey, how you doing?


B.O.B: Back in the day did you ever think you’d get this far in skateboarding? Did you have a plan like making sure you showed up at every demo, skated hard, shot footage and photos ect. . Basically how did you get to this point?

Dustin:  Back in the day when I was little? I don´t know, I got lucky.


B.O.B: So it´s all about luck hey?

Dustin: It´s all about luck


B.O.B: You are currently on a Vans tour of Mexico and you are travelling with John Cardiel. What’s Cardiel like?

Dustin: Oh man. Cardiel. You know I got to go on tour with him when I was 18 years old and it was like a dream because he was always one of my favorite skaters. Since I was a kid I loved Cardiel. And now his attitude is so positive that it is like, if this mother fucker can do it, of course I can. This is my motivation. I mean I just had knee surgery, I didn´t break my spine, and  this mother fucker is on the road he’s a boss.


B.O.B: How do you balance the pissed drunk lifestyle and the partying with skateboarding?

Dustin: It’s what motivates me.


B.O.B: Tell us your best party story!

Dustin: My best party story waaaa!!! It’s very explicit



B.O.B: What gets you pumped?

Dustin: Going out and having a fun time. Fun makes me inspired. Like me being in a hotel room far away from the city, never having a boring time, you go out and have the best time and the next day you say, “that was sick! I wanna skate!”


B.O.B: So what is your perfect day?

Dustin: Um… Sex in the morning, having some beers, good sex again, have some sleep and wake up alive!

Interview By:

Ariadna de Alba