This bombshell from Toronto has a defined vision and great focus. Even though Jasmine has achieved her dreams, she doesn’t stop there. Scroll down to learn about her and her life…

1. How did you start your career as a model and PT?
When I was 18yo, I started modelling for fun. Prior to this I was a dancer, and gymnast so I was performing from an early age, therefore, I had no shame of being in front of a camera. This is also when I started full time training at the gym. At 21, I decided that I would stop serving as a waitress, and fulfil my dream as a model. I then moved across the country, from Calgary to Toronto where the marketing for modelling was much larger than in Calgary. For the last year I have been full time modelling, in Canada / US / Panama / and Australia! I have had publications in Playboy (South Africa, Croatia, Germany, Venezula, and Slovakia), Vologlam, RHK, Vanquish, Skyn, Vizual and many more! I recently decided that I would now fulfil my dream of helping others through personal training and proper nutrition education. I am nearly fully certified, I have one more month to go until I get my ISSA certification. I will then be training online, and planning a few other big surprises which you must stay tuned for!

2. You are involved in quite a variety of activities. You’re a model, Certified Personal Trainer and an entrepreneur. How important is time-management to you?

Time management is crucial to my success in each area of my life. The amount of lists I write in a day could be deemed as over excessive. However, to ensure that I am organized, get to all my appointments, and make sure everything is done, this is a critical part to my daily routine.

3. How was shooting for Playboy like? Do you consider it your biggest achievement?
Yes, Playboy was my biggest achievement to date, but I do not plan to stop there. Shooting for Playboy was a dream come true. I always remembered looking at the Playboy magazines when I was 16yo thinking that one day that was going to be me, and I set my mind to it, and achieved it! Each shoot was different, shooting in nightclubs to national parks. Each shoot was a full day event of make-up, hair, touch-ups, interviews, and of course, the shooting itself. My little girl dream came alive right in front of my eyes!

4. What kind of modelling is your favorite one?

I like to shoot all sorts of concepts. Lately, I have been a fan of lifestyle shots as I shoot for a lot of brands. But my favorite by far is, implied nudity because not only do I get to embrace who I am as a person, but my personality comes out in these shots because I get to pose the best way that I feel sexy and confident!

5. In December 2016 you have volunteered in an orphanage in Antigua. Can you tell me more about it?
Yes, I went to Guatemala to volunteer with the orphanages out in Antigua! This was such an amazing, and eye-opening experience. I went for 2 weeks, and stayed in a volunteer house with 15 other housemates. We all were volunteering for different things, but I chose to volunteer with the orphans because it hits close to home. I brought a full suitcase full of toys, toiletries, clothes etc. Every day I would bus an hour to the orphanage and play with the children aged 0-3yrs old, then around noon I would help prep lunch / dinner and after that I would leave them to nap and go about my touristy shopping/ site seeing! This experience was life changing and I was reassured that life can’t be taken for granted as there’s always someone in the world with less than you have. Be grateful for the life you have been given and give back where you can! Be sure to visit my vlog at my website: www.jasminefergusonofficialxo.com!

6. Do you have a life motto or some rules you follow?
My life motto would be to embrace the present moment as you never know where tomorrow will take you. Life is so short and we often get wrapped up and distracted by what is next. Throughout my travels, I have been reminded that all things come to an end, therefore, we must learn to fully embrace what is in front of us, spend time with those who treat us right, and do things that make us feel happy and fulfilled. Once a month, I take a 3 day social media fast, to bring me back to the present moment, and just allow myself to be. This is so amazing, and makes me feel so refreshed after. You all should try it – you’ll feel clear headed and like you’ve actually remembered what you did for the last 3 days!

7. It cannot be denied your figure is absolutely mind-blowing. How did you attain it and how do you maintain it?
My figure is a constant work in progress. I am never happy with it, and maybe that is why I am constantly working on it. But, I strive to be in the best shape as possible. Not only to look good, but to feel good. I feel best when I am in routine, working out every day and eating a well-balanced diet. I maintain my figure by: 1. Not drinking nor putting any toxins in my body (I have not had any alcohol for 8 months now) 2. Eating a healthy meal every 3 hours to maintain a high metabolism 3. Going to the gym at least 5x / week! Your body is your temple, you must take care of it!

8. What was the craziest shooting experience you’ve had?
The craziest shooting experience would have been when I was in Las Vegas. I was shooting with Joe Damaso, and we were shooting at the Red Rock Canyon which was a national park. I was full nude, draped on the red rocks – the amount of people that saw me nude was pretty insane, but sometimes you have to do crazy things to get AMAZING shots!

9. You seem to be travelling a lot and there are more destinations you’ll visit this year. Which one was your favorite so far? How did you enjoy Australia?
My favorite destination would be Thailand. Thailand was very calming, and I took the full month off social media so I was very present while I was on this trip. Beautiful clear water, sunshine every day, and amazing people I met through-out my trip. I will for sure be going back in the near future! Australia was incredible – my longest travel trip to date! I was in Australia for 3 months, travelled from Melbourne to Brisbane. Shot in the Gold Coast, shot in Melbourne and shot in Sydney. I loved shooting on the beach and doing my workouts along the Bondi Bronte walk / Burleigh Heads national park. I will plan another trip to Australia to visit Perth and the west coast as well. Doesn’t get much better then Australia!

10. What are you looking for in a man?
I am not looking for a man at the moment, as I have a lot of goals and dreams I want to accomplish. However, when I do my top 5 things I need in a man are: 1. Someone who is established – knows what he wants in life, has a good long term career and is has goals that he is always working on 2. Someone who is trustworthy and honest 3. Someone that keeps a healthy and active lifestyle 4. Someone who wants kids 5. Someone who is caring, gentle and patient. Anyone out there?! Lol!

11. If we were at a bar right now, what would you be drinking?
Water… I do not drink as of 8 months ago. I also love decaf almond milk cappuccinos!

12. What are some of your beauty tips?

I love this question because I spend hours and hours a week, keeping my body and beauty needs up to par. Beauty tips 101: WASH AND CLEANSE YOUR FACE EVERY NIGHT! To prevent acne, and pre-maturing aging. Get a month facial from a licensed aesthetician. Do weekly coconut oil hair masks to hydrate your hair and prevent dead ends. Drink lots of water to ensure you are draining the body from toxins! I make sure I use chemical grade skin care to ensure that I don’t get any wrinkles and break-outs!

13. Where do you see yourself in 5 years and what would you like to engage yourself in later on in life?
In 5 years, I will be a very successful business women with a few business opened and profiting. I won’t go into detailed of what I have planned, as it’s a surprise! But stay tuned on all of my social media.

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